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The quality of university education in Germany is generally high, and some universities have particular strengths. Compared to tuition fees in other countries, the cost is very low, as public universities often charge little or no tuition fees. With this competition, private universities offer an extraordinary price/quality ratio.

Germany may well have the strongest links to other countries: the relation of international trade to the size of the national economy is higher than any other country. This means that German companies have connections all over the world. Germany has also opened up for international students by offering study programmes at attractive prices - also in the English language. Hoping to continue growing, German companies welcome international university graduates.

And now you no longer need to learn the German language to study in Germany. Top-tier German universities offer programmes in English, and many Germans are getting used to speaking English in everyday life.

Germany ranked Nr. 1 country for university education for international students in survey of British Council

  • Study permit for 5 years in total available
  • After graduation on German university work permit, after 3 successful years permanent residence permit (Green Card) available German Green Card allows students to live and work in all European Union countries
  • One of the most prosperous countries in the world
  • Study in the country of Mercedes, BMW, Porsche and Bosch

Programs available:

  • Bachelors in Aviation, Hospitality, Event- and International Management
  • Bachelors in Engineering, Computer and Natural Science
  • Masters in International Management & Logistics Management International Management

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