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Arts and Fine Arts Programs

Institution Program Duration
Findlay Master in TESOL/ Bilingual Education 2 Years
Findlay Master of Liberal studies 2 Years
COTD Art 2 Years
COTD Foreign Language (French, Italian or Spanish) 2 Years
COTD Mass Communication 2 Years
COTD Early Childhood Education 2 Years
COTD History 2 Years
Findlay Early Childhood Education 2 Years
COTD Philosophy 2 Years
COTD Physical Education 2 Years
COTD Political Science 2 Years
COTD Psychology 2 Years
COTD Sociology 2 Years
COTD Administration of Justice 2 Years
GreenRiver Associate in Elementary Education 2 Years
Bates Broadcasting/ Video Production 18 Months
COTD Communication 2 Years
COTD Composition 2 Years
COTD Literature 2 Years
COTD Journalism 2 Years
Findlay Criminal Justice 2 Years
COTD Liberal arts 2 Years
COTD Music 2 Years
COTD Social Science 2 Years
COTD Speech 2 Years
COTD Theater arts 2 Years
GreenRiver Criminal Justice 2 Years
Findlay Religious Studies 4 Years
Findlay Spanish 4 Years
Findlay History 4 Years
Findlay Communication 4 Years
Findlay Law/ Liberal Arts 4 Years
Findlay Psychology 4 Years
Findlay Philosophy/ Applied Philosophy 4 Years
Findlay Arts 4 Years
Findlay Criminal Justice 4 Years
Findlay Japanese 4 Years
Findlay Political Science 4 Years
Findlay Sociology 4 Years
Findlay TESOL 4 Years
Findlay Theatre 4 Years
Findlay Social Work 4 Years
Findlay English 4 Years
Bates Digital Media 11 Months
COTD Associate Teacher Certificate 1 Year
GreenRiver Broadcasting 1 Year
Bates Audio/Sound technology 11 Months
GreenRiver Ceramics 1 Year
GreenRiver Design 1 Year
GreenRiver Photography 1 Year
GreenRiver Studio 1 Year
COTD Music 1 Year
GreenRiver Early Childhood education 1 Year
Bates Fashion Construction 15 Months

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