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ESL and University students from around the world enter the Canadian university system through Northern Lights College. You can live in homestay, study in safety, improve your English communication, increase your TOEFL or TOEIC score, and earn or transfer university credit. If YOU come to Northern Lights College YOU can be successful too!

16 Years of Commitment to International Students!

NLC can help you fulfill your educational dreams. Our department will work as a team to help you reach your goals.



Northern Lights College

NLC is a small institution so the staff is friendly and interested in each student. You'll feel comfortable talking with us or asking for help.

International students take part in a range of programs, including English as a Second Language (or check out our fantastic ESL in the Wild), Foreign Office Worker, University Transfer, and a wide assortment of academic and vocational programs. These include everything from business management to aircraft maintenance, and from adventure tourism to instrumentation mechanics. A world of opportunity is yours at NLC.  

We are concerned that you succeed in your courses! Northern Lights College hires the best faculty and staff available. Your teacher will be a dedicated and experienced professional. NLC academic classes ranked highest in student satisfaction and intellectual stimulation in the most recent British Columbia Government survey.

Activities in the Peace Region

Meeting Canadians

Canadians are friendly people.

You can improve your English, learn many idioms and enjoy the Canadian culture through informal conversations with Canadians.

Having fun with Canadians is very important if you want to improve your English!

What to do if you want to meet Canadians.

If you want to meet Canadians you must break away from the other students from your home country. You should look for activities where you are the only international student. Canadians are friendly people. If you do this you will make Canadian friends.

How international students at NLC have met Canadians.

The cities in the college region have many recreational facilities such as gymnasiums, racquetball courts, swimming pools, playing fields, golf courses. Recreational activities such as swimming, soccer, rugby, hockey, volleyball, archery, baseball, are organized by clubs. The Northern Lights College Student Advisor will show you a list of clubs and activities and will introduce students to the members of the clubs that interest you.

NLC students have played soccer, rugby, baseball with Fort St. John City teams.

This is the team that the International Department entered in the NLC Volleyball championship.

Simon Chan (Second from left in middle row) joined the Fort St. John Soccer Club. He was the only Cantonese speaker on the club so he had to speak English all of the time that he was with his Canadian friends. Simon graduated from the University of London.




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